6 uses of micro needling

6 uses of micro needling 

What is micro needling?

It is a technique that relies in its principle on inserting a large number of micro-needles into the outer layers of the skin in order to solve some problems and obtain fresher skin.

But how is this?
When a specific area is punctured with needles, it is alerted that some damage has befallen this place, and on this basis the skin activates the cells of this area with the production of large amounts of collagen, which gives the skin its luster and its youthful appearance.

In this procedure, a cylindrical device with a handle, at the end of which resembles a brush, is used, with a large number of fine needles, with lengths between 0.2 and 3 mm, that are passed over the skin back and forth.

What are the most important uses of micro-needling technique?

  1. Acupuncture helps to rejuvenate the skin of the face and get rid of wrinkles caused by aging, as well as wrinkles of the hands.
  2. Treatment of scars, wounds and burns, with the effect of collagen resulting from the activation of cells in the layers of the skin, and their production of a fresh new layer free of any traces and scars.
  3. Removing cellulite and loose skin, especially in the abdominal area, after pregnancy and childbirth.
  4. Treating sunburn, dark spots and skin pigmentation.
  5. Minimizing large skin pores and giving a smooth appearance to the skin.
  6. It can also be used to enhance the skin’s benefit from a certain substance, as it is placed on needles and massaged the area with it, which gives greater and faster benefit.

Is it harmful to acupuncture?

In fact, the damage here is deliberate and deliberate in order to stimulate cells to repair and restore the skin.

As for the complications that can occur due to this procedure, they are rare and not serious. Some bruising, pigmentation, bleeding, and infection may appear;
This can be caused by the wrong use of needles, the use of inappropriate lengths, or the lack of sterilization of tools.

Therefore, it is important here to choose the clinic and doctor carefully.

Other than that, it is a very safe method as it does not require the use of heat or chemicals like other methods of treating the skin.

It must be remembered that the tingling will affect the skin in some way and irritate it. There must be some redness in the area, and perhaps drops of blood.. There is no need to worry, this will go away with time

Micro needling results:

The results of the puncture do not appear immediately, but it takes a while for the body to respond and renew the skin cells, for the results to begin to appear, with the need to know that our bodies respond to different conditions, so the appearance of the result varies from person to person.

It is necessary to continue and follow the treatment to the end, often from 6 to 10 sessions .. in order to obtain the desired results.

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