Arm liposuction

Arm liposuction

With age, it is inevitable that flabbiness appears in many areas of the body; One of the most common places that people, especially women, suffer from is the arms, which are difficult to get rid of their flabbiness and fat accumulations through exercise and diets. It is necessary to resort to cosmetic surgery, especially arm liposuction, as it is the best way to restore skinny arms while maintaining proportional body dimensions.

Beauty Valleys Clinic offers arm liposuction according to modern technologies and with a staff of the best doctors.

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  • Are you wondering why I should have liposuction on my arms?

Well, the main goal here is to restore self-confidence, we are not talking here about a liposuction tool only, but also about an effective surgical procedure to shape patients’ bodies into their ideal vision of themselves.

  • How is arm liposuction performed?

Initially, local anesthesia is administered, for a faster recovery.

Two incisions are made in the arm, one near the elbow joint, and the other in the back space behind the armpit, then using a cannula, the doctor makes smooth movements forward and backward, along the surface area of the skin, to help break up fat cells, which are then withdrawn from the area.

This procedure does not affect the skin, nerves, muscles and capillaries, which makes recovery faster and reduces scarring.

  • After the procedure:

The recovery is rather quick, the arms swell at the suction site and some bruises appear that gradually disappear, and pain is likely to be felt in the first two or three days, resulting from the healing of the stitches.

Care must be taken to return with a companion after the operation, as it is necessary to pay attention and adhere to several points:

● Driving is prohibited.

● You must adhere to the antibiotics that your doctor will prescribe for you.

● Relaxing in bed, it is recommended to use compression braces for faster healing of incisions.

● Not to do any activities, even if it is with little effort, during the first days after the procedure.

● Be patient and give enough time to recover, expect bruising, swelling and pain in the first period, and often you can return to normal activities within two weeks.

  • Arm liposuction results:

In this procedure, all excess fat cells are completely removed, however, If you put back the extra weight, it will accumulate new fat cells that will lead to fat regrowth in the area.

In order to maintain the results of the operation and the shape of your new arm, you must adhere to a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of lean protein, vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and fat-free dairy products. Consult a specialist for personalized advice. Certainly, regular exercise is essential. This way, your arms are guaranteed to be gone forever!

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