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Autologous Fat Injection

 a revolution in the cosmetic world

In the vast world of cosmetics, we are witnessing a new and continuous spread of many techniques that facilitate reaching our cosmetic goals; One of these techniques is the autologous fat injection technique.

Which today has become the dependence of the majority of doctors in many cosmetic procedures, after it was used in the past for therapeutic purposes only.

Why is it called Autologous Fat Injection?

This technique is completely dependent on the person’s own body fat, so it is called the natural way, that is, the fat is extracted from one area of the body and re-injected into another area of the body itself, from this comes its name.

A person cannot transfer fat from his relatives, for example. The doctor relies on the percentage of fat in the body to measure the extent of his ability to transfer fat and perform injections.

How is Autologous Fat Injection performed?

Of course, the procedure is carried out in stages, especially two basic stages: extracting fat first then re-injecting it, but let’s get acquainted with the steps in detail:

  1. Examination and consultation between the doctor and the patient and determining the most suitable places for liposuction.
  2. Liposuction: the area is numbed locally (in some cases, general anesthesia may be needed), then suction is done through thin tubes that are inserted through very small incisions that do not exceed half a centimeter.
  3. Fat treatment: where it is filtered, processed, and reinforced with substances that increase its effectiveness, such as adding platelet-rich plasma.
  4. It can be injected on the same day, or fat can be stored and frozen to be re-injected later, but within a period not exceeding 3 months since the beginning of the liposuction.

Studies indicate that the injected fat is not fully utilized, as there is often a part of it that will be absorbed by the body, and this can be by about half, so the injections are injected in more quantities than required, or that the injections are re-injected through additional sessions later to reach the desired result, and that it is made with previously drawn fat, stored and frozen in reserve.

Advantages of Autologous Fat Injection:

  1. One of the most important features of this procedure is that it is considered a redistribution of body fat in an artistic and aesthetic way, so some areas are rid of excess fat, and other areas that need fat and fullness are filled.
  2. It is a safe, effective method, with very good results.
  3. Easy to apply technique.
  4. More convenient in terms of cost compared to other methods.
  5.  The body does not reject fats as they are extracted from the body itself, and infections do not occur.
  6.  The possibility of obtaining large amounts of fat to fill large and multiple areas in the body.
  7.  The possibility of storing fat for a period of time (3 months) for later use.
  8.  The texture of the part injected with autologous fat is completely natural like the rest of the parts of the body, unlike synthetic fillers that may give a solid or unnatural texture.

Do you want to try this special technology?

Beauty Valleys Clinic offers self-fat injection service, in various fields, whether for facial, breast augmentation, buttocks, or any other areas of the body.

Whatever your problem is, contact Beauty valleys Clinic and we will help you in fixing it. 

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