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Beard Hair transplantation in Turkey

The beard gives a great influence on a man’s appearance and attractiveness, If you cannot get this appearance due to the poor growth of your beard hair…do not worry…here is the solution!

Through the modern technologies that is available at Beauty Valleys Clinic, you can now get the look you want for your beard…in the simplest way.

What is the Beard Transplant procedure?

Just as you can transplant hair on the top of your head to treat a receding hairline, you can also try beard transplant if your facial hair follicles are not growing properly, a stubble may not always grow uniformly on the face, resulting in patchy facial hair instead of a beard elegant.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform a hair transplant operation using one of its techniques, FUE, FUT or DHI.

The operation takes three to five hours, and the patient needs a very short time to recover about one day only.

After a few months, the transplanted hair, like the rest of the beard hair, is permanent, grows naturally, and can be cut, shortened, shaved and trimmed as desired.

It is worth noting that your new beard hair may fall out after two or three weeks, and this is normal, new hair must grow to replace it.

What are the steps of a Beard Hair transplant procedure?

The doctor begins the process with the following steps:

  1. Anesthesia: The doctor gives the patient a local anesthetic so that he does not feel any pain when the follicles are harvested.
  2. Harvesting: Whatever technique is chosen, the first step would be harvesting, by shaving the area from which the follicles are harvested, in order to have a better and clearer view of the hair follicles. It depends on the characteristics of the hair of the donor area and it’s matchiness with the characteristics of facial hair. Sometimes the hair on the sides of the head is more suitable for taking the follicles from it, and it can also be taken from the back of the head if it is appropriate.
  3. Implantation: where the doctor injects a local anesthetic into the area of the face where the implants will be placed, then the taken follicles would be implanted in the targeted areas according to angles that are estimated based on the characteristics of the nearest surrounding hair, and the formation of the beard in the previously agreed areas.

Who are the suitable candidates for a Beard Hair transplant?

– Those who have healthy hair follicles at the back of the head, where the hair follicles are taken.

(The back of the head is often among the last to go bald, so even if you start losing some hair at the top, you may still have healthy growth at the back of your head.)

– You must have enough follicular units for transplantation in your scalp, and the doctor will do this examination before approving the operation.

If there aren’t enough follicular units to harvest and transplant, your doctor may recommend alternative treatments.

Beard Transplant Results:

You will be able to know that your operation was successful within 3 or 4 months when the transplanted follicles settle in their new place and start growing, regardless of the type of procedure or technique that was used.

It is assumed that within 8 or 9 months you will have a full and healthy beard that you can control as if it was normal.

While both FUE and FUT can result in natural-looking beards, FUT beards tend to be fuller, because more follicles are usually harvested when a strip of skin is removed. So, if your goal is to have a thicker beard, then you should consider the FUT method.

Failure of a beard transplant procedure is rare but if that happens it would be a result of improper harvesting from the donor area.

This is due to the importance of choosing an experienced surgeon.

Are there any side effects of Beard Transplantation? And what precautions should be taken?`

Possible side effects in the donor area (scalp):

Swelling, redness, tightness and numbness, temporary crusting… Scarring is a common occurrence in the donor area but often disappears with normal hair growth again.

It is noteworthy that the doctor should be informed if redness, swelling persists for two weeks.

As for the steps to be taken:

  • After surgery, both areas – the donor and the implanted – must be taken care of and kept clean.

It is necessary to adhere to the doctor’s instructions for home care, such as using an antibiotic ointment for the scalp and face.

Avoid some activities that may harm you during the first days, such as:

  • Swimming 
  • Exposure to direct sunlight
  • Smoking 
  • Use the sauna or hot tub
  • Strenuous physical activity or any activity that may cause sweating 
  • Touching, scratching, or rubbing the harvested or planted areas

It is also advised not to wash the face for a few days, and if necessary, to wash gently and not to scrub.

All this to avoid irritation or infection as the skin will be sensitive and itchy.

This is what the beard transplant in Turkey entails. If you feel that this process is a suitable option for you, do not hesitate to choose Beauty Valleys Clinic in Turkey because it will be your best choice.

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