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Breast Reduction

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, in which the doctor makes an incision in the areola area in the bottom of the breast, to extract excess fat and fatty tissue and cut loose skin. The operation may require removing the nipple and areola during the operation and then returning them and raising them slightly. After the operation is completed, the incision would be closed with a cosmetic pole, leaving a tube to drain the blood and excess fluid. This process is shorter than others, where only liposuction is performed, and the breast is not lifted or changed its shape. It takes about three to four hours.

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Ultrasound and VASER

It is a very simple surgical procedure where a very small incision is made to insert the device through it, so the ultrasound waves dissolve the fat, to increase the speed and effectiveness of liposuction afterwards. The use of ultrasound helps to increase the consistency of the breast shape, as it stimulates the tissues to produce the collagen necessary for the vitality and elasticity of the skin. What distinguishes this operation from the normal surgical operation is that the incision is so small almost invisible, therefore does not leave scars or surgical stitches. This technique is suitable for women who do not suffer from a significant increase in breast size, and who have elasticity in the skin. The operation performed under local anesthesia, and the patient does not need a long recovery period after it.

Beauty Valleys
Beauty Valleys

Beauty Valleys

Liposuction Technology

It depends on making an incision and inserting a tube to suction the fat, then closing the incision.
This method does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels, no bruising occurs at the site of surgery, and no scars remain on the skin after the procedure.
This operation reduces about 20 to 50 percent of the chest size.
It is performed under local anesthesia only, and the recovery period after the operation is very short, it is possible to return to normal daily activities within two or three days.
One of its advantages that it does not cause any harm to nursing mother, as she can breastfeed naturally.
Also, the possibility of losing chest sensation in this method is much less than in other cosmetic methods.

You can have breast reduction surgery at any age, sometimes even in your teens, but if your breasts haven't fully developed yet, you may need a second surgery later in life.

You can postpone breast reduction surgery if you have certain future plans, such as:

Childbirth : Breastfeeding may be difficult after breast reduction surgery, although some surgical techniques can help preserve your ability to breastfeed.
Weight loss : If you are interested in losing weight by changing your diet and starting an exercise program, you can wait to decide if breast reduction surgery is right for you, because weight loss often leads to changes in breast size automatically.


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