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Buttock Augmentation with fat injections

A slim, sculpted body with full buttocks is often considered one of the signs of beauty for women, and buttock augmentation has become one of the basic operations that women like to do, and the techniques have been multiplied and developed in this field, to show a very innovative technology that works to create balance in the entire body, liposuction fat from a full area of the body, and re-injecting it into another wanted area. One of the most wonderful things that advanced medicine has given us is the buttock augmentation process through autologous fat transfer!

This service is available at Beauty Valleys clinic, according to the latest technology and equipment, with the best doctors and specialists!

Let’s learn more about it in this article.

What is Buttock Augmentation by fat and how is it done?

It is a surgical cosmetic procedure, known as the Brazilian buttock, in which the suctioned autologous fat is injected from the body itself, to obtain a more slender and feminine appearance.

This procedure is done under general or local anesthesia, where the doctor first suctions the fat from the areas that contain excess fat, such as the thighs, abdomen, arms.

Then he works to separate them, that is, to separate healthy fats, tissues, and blood.

To be re-injected into the buttocks, in slightly larger quantities than needed, given that a percentage of the injected fat is absorbed by the body.

The benefit here lies in removing fat from a plump area and re-injecting it into an area that needs this fat, which creates balance in the body and gives a toned and harmonious body.

Who does Buttock Augmentation with fat injections?

• Women who want to enlarge their buttocks without surgery.

• Women who wish to increase the curvature of the curve and body strength.

• Women who want a butt that looks natural.

Care after Buttock Augmentation with autologous fat injection:

1- Commit to wearing the special medical corset that the doctor prescribes for you for a certain period.

2- Do not sit for long periods of time.

3- Pay attention to the way you sleep; it is preferable to sleep on the stomach in the first period.

4- Not to practice violent sports and lift heavy weights for at least a week, after the procedure.

5- Use painkillers in case of aches, and inform the doctor of any developments.

Are there complications after autologous fat injection in the buttocks?

It is possible that some minor complications such as swelling and possible pain in the places where the liposuction was done, some bruises that disappear gradually.

If there is a high temperature with severe pain and a change in the color of the operation site, it is necessary to contact the doctor directly.

Not candidates for Buttock Augmentation with autologous fat injection:

1- People who do not have enough fat for liposuction.

2- Heavy smokers.

3- People who suffer from health problems such as diabetes, the operation may pose a danger to them.

Are there risks of augmenting the buttocks with self-fat?

Like any plastic surgery, there are risks that must be noted, although they are rare:


• Fatty embolism.

• Irregularity and symmetry of the shape of the buttocks.

• Survival of scars.

• Changes in sensation.

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