Should I get plastic surgery?

In this era, and with the abundance of cosmetic medical procedures, we are all prone to thinking about cosmetic surgery, whether we need it or not.

So let’s ask ourselves.. Do I really need plastic surgery? Is it suitable for me?!

It is good not to rush to make decisions that concern our bodies, to think about them from all sides, and to choose the best place to do them, and the best hands.

The decision to make up is important, and it does not affect your external appearance only, but also has an impact on your mental health, your social life, your lifestyle, your work, and your entire life!

What should I think if I am considering plastic surgery?

Here you must ask yourself some questions:

• What do I want to change in myself? Why do I want this?

• Why am I considering the procedure now? What triggered me?

• What is the right time for me to do this procedure?

• Will this procedure change my life? Will it affect my condition? On which side?

• Are there other ways I can make the change I’m thinking of?

• Do I think of plastic surgery for me? Or to please others?

• Will my self-confidence increase after this procedure?

• Will I be able to afford this procedure and any future costs of maintaining the results?

• Am I really ready to go through this change?

Some consider that a cosmetic procedure is the solution to all their life problems…

And he thinks of it in the difficult times of his life.. as a way to escape!

Do not assume that a procedure will be the miracle solution, think in a more logical way, and start trying to answer the previous questions, then based on them.. make your decision.

If you feel lost and confused, we at Beauty Valleys help you make the right decision.

We do not recommend plastic surgery just for the sake of surgery! Rather, we recommend it in a manner tailored to each individual according to his condition, in all aspects.

Sometimes someone has to see things from outside the circumference of the circle you are in!


For a sound decision.

• Research, find out and read as much as you can about the procedure you are going to take.

• Think about all the costs: before, after, and during the procedure, the costs of correction, and the future costs of maintaining appearance.

• Talk to experts, consult, and ask.. Don’t be shy to be curious!

• After you decide to have the procedure, book a consultation with the doctor who will perform the procedure for you, and talk to him about everything. This will make you feel safe and comfortable.

• Talk about all the reasons that prompted you to consider this procedure, and what you envision as a change.

• Don’t forget to always feel confident in your appearance!

The doctor who will perform the procedure should talk to you about:

• How this procedure will affect you.

• Explain what will happen in, during, before and after the procedure.

• Asks you about what results to expect.

• Be clear about the change it will make for you, how much change you will get.

In the end..

Take your time in making your decision.. Don’t rush.. Think carefully and don’t feel pressured.

Look carefully for clinics and doctors, look at the business history and results, talk to previous patients… and make a good choice.

Take a break after the consultation to make sure you are ready to move on.

If you don’t feel comfortable about it… walk away.

We at Beauty Valleys Clinic help you answering the question marks about everything you are wondering about, and show you things in a clear and real way.

We help you choose what works for you, not what we want.

Finally, we thank you, if you reach out to us, for giving us an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.



What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a new modern technology in the body, such as vitamins, body treatments, and other botanicals, rejuvenating and tightening the skin, as well as removing excess fat.

What are the uses of mesotherapy?

Today, modern technologies are available when talking, such as:

• Removal of fat in areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, calves and face.

• Reducing cellulite.

• Fading wrinkles and lines.

• Tighten sagging skin.

• Sculpting and reshaping the body.

• lighten pigmented skin.

• Treating alopecia areata, a condition of hair loss.

What is the idea of mesotherapy treatment?

This technique is based on a very accurate study of the skin.

The problem is the scale.

How is mesotherapy used to lose weight?

 When injected into the middle layer of the skin (in adipose tissue in particular), – at a depth of about 2 mm -, the layers of the fat cell membrane begin to swell and harden, and the action of the injected solvents begins to break down the fat and transform it into micro-fat particles, to be easily absorbed through the intestines and excreted. later with the litter. Weight loss using mesotherapy is an effective way to treat local obesity and get rid of excess fat in a specific area, as it helps to lose about 5 to 13 centimeters from the treated area. On the other hand, this technique is not considered feasible in cases of severe obesity, and it does not compensate for following a diet and exercising.

How are mesotherapy sessions?

The treatment is applied over several sessions; The research, the new that the doctor is looking for, has found his research, and a systemic doctor.

And the treatment begins, where a local anesthetic is applied to your face (or the other area to be treated), and the doctor begins with successive injections with short needles, which can reach a depth of 1-4 mm under your skin, depending on each case.

The doctor can apply the needles to the mechanical gun in successive and rapid injections.

expect to come back 3 to 15 times, every 7 to 10 days; Until you start to be satisfied with the result, the result starts from the epidural start, up to two weeks or up to a month.

As for recovery, since mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment, it usually requires a recovery period, a visa to return to your normal life.

Some people prefer to take time off from swelling and pain.

Are there any effects of the effects of mesotherapy?

are simple symptoms that can be controlled,

Minor pain.

Redness and bruising.

• Allergies.

• Feeling nauseous.

Swellings and bumps at the injection site.

• Dark spots on the skin.

Scarring of the injection site.

• Possibility of infection.

Contact our Beauty Valleys clinic for more information, your consultation is free!

Medical tourism and Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Medical tourism and Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Often when thinking about plastic surgery, Turkey is the first destination we think of, as it has become the most attractive country for medical tourism, during the last ten years.

Its importance as a magnet for medical tourism is due to the fact that it:

  • Its strategic location makes it a bridge between Asia and Europe, facilitating and increasing its accessibility.
  • It provides great advantages, opportunities and offers to patients in the field of medicine and cosmetology.
  • The development of medicine in it, and the skill and extensive experience of surgeons, in addition to equipping its centers and hospitals with the latest equipment.
  • The low cost of medical tourism in Turkey compared to other countries.

One of the most famous operations that people go to Turkey to perform is Rhinoplasty; They are of the best quality and at the lowest possible cost.
There are many different types…

  • Reducing the nose: to match its size with the rest of the facial features, and it can be combined with a breathing correction procedure.
  • Reconstruction of the nose: To correct deformities and loss of structure of nasal fibers due to accident or serious illness.
  • Nose augmentation: To restructure and correct the shape of the nose that is deformed and out of proportion to the face.
  • Rhinoplasty after trauma: such as correcting a broken nasal septum and other problems resulting from harsh blows.
  • Rhinoplasty for those under the age of 18: Usually, a cosmetic procedure is not suitable for those who are not of legal age, but in exceptional cases such as breathing difficulties or an accident, the procedure can be performed.
  • Aging aesthetics: As it causes wrinkles, contractions and drooping in the nasal fibers, this procedure can be done for a better appearance.
  • Injection Rhinoplasty: It is a non-surgical procedure that suits those who do not prefer surgical procedures, where the filler can be modified in the shape of the nose to suit the shape of the face as a whole.

Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey:

It is known that Turkey is the best for cosmetic surgery prices, compared to other countries; But there is no doubt that prices differ from one place to another, and from one center to another… What are the considerations that determine prices?!

  1. Geographical location.
  2. The experience and skill of the surgeon.
  3. type of anesthesia.
  4. The hospital in which the operation is performed.
  5. Take care during the recovery phase.

Beauty Valleys Clinic offers you all cosmetic services at competitive prices; Book now to get your free consultation and enjoy additional benefits.

The most important thing to know about buttock reduction

The most important thing to know about buttock reduction

Despite the spread of buttock augmentation surgeries and women’s demand for them, on the other hand, there is a not small percentage of women, whose goal is the exact opposite, to reduce the buttocks!

If you want to reduce the size of your buttocks, which causes you inconvenience, buttock reduction surgery is the solution.

Our clinic, Beauty valleys Clinic, will help you sculpt and shape your body and achieve the desired butt shape

What is the buttock reduction surgery?

Buttock reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgical solution, which is carried out using multiple and varied techniques, with one goal, which is to obtain a more harmonious buttock shape and proportional to your body, by tightening the sagging skin and cutting the excess, and removing the excess fat

Techniques used in buttock reduction:

Some of the most popular techniques used:

  1. Vaser technology
    , which relies on ultrasonic frequency waves, in order to break up the fat, without causing any damage to tissues or blood vessels, then this fat is withdrawn by the cannula.
  2. The laser technology,
    which depends on the disintegration of fat by laser beams, to be suctioned out through a cannula tube.
    Reduce the use of laser after the appearance of the laser; But it remains one of the most famous techniques used in this field, for its ease, safety and effective results.
  3. J Plasma
    , which is a revolution in the cosmetic world, combines cold plasma and radiofrequency energy. The J plasma is inserted under the skin to dissolve fat and tighten the skin without any scars.
  4. Micro-air technology,
    which adopts the principle of liposuction, with a system supported by vibration energy, easily breaks down fat cells, especially large ones, without harming blood vessels or tissues; This technique is characterized by its impressive results and short recovery time compared to other techniques.

Before the operation:

  1. Perform the necessary laboratory tests.
  2. Stop taking stimulants, alcohol, and coffee, which affect the anesthesia, a week before the procedure.
  3. Stop smoking two weeks before the procedure.
  4. Avoiding blood-diluting drinks that may cause bleeding, such as green tea; As well as blood-thinning medications (aspirin, ibuprofen…).

After the operation:

  1. Rest approximately two weeks after surgery, before returning to normal activities.
  2. Commit to putting an elastic bandage that reduces swelling and gives better results.
  3. Avoid prolonged sitting.
  4. Sleeping on the side and on the stomach.
  5. Avoid sports and strenuous activities for 6 weeks.
  6. Refrain from smoking for 5 weeks.
  7. Avoid very hot bath and sauna.
  8. Stick to the medications your doctor prescribes for you.
  9. Follow a balanced and healthy diet in order to maintain results.
Texas Jaw.. the fashion of the era

Texas Jaw.. the fashion of the era

With the passage of time and age, the jaw begins to lose its cohesion, the line defined for it disappears and the skin begins to sag, which gives an appearance that some people do not feel comfortable with, so they resort to the most famous solution.. Texas chin.

A non-surgical procedure that restores the jaw line to its defined shape, and gives the face a symmetrical shape.

At Beauty valleys Clinic, we help you restore your beautiful youthful appearance, with this procedure, and other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

What is Texas Technology?

It is a non-surgical procedure that relies on filler material that is injected into the jaw and chin area, to restore the natural appearance and give an aesthetic touch that defines the jaw in a V-shape.

Who is a suitable candidate for chin filler surgery – Texas?

You are a suitable candidate for the Texas procedure if:

  • You are over 18 years old.
  • Your general health is good.
  • Your chin wrinkles and jaw sagging bother you.

Preparing for jaw surgery:

In order for the procedure to be more comfortable and safe, you have to follow some instructions, such as:

  1. Do skin tests to make sure there are no allergies.
  2. Tell your doctor about your current medications.
  3. Stop smoking for a month before the operation, at least.
  4. Do not take coffee, alcohol and stimulants before the operation.
  5. Avoid taking medications that increase bleeding, such as aspirin and anti-inflammatories.
  6. Do not put cosmetics on the face before the procedure.

What are the steps of jaw surgery?

In the first step, your doctor performs the necessary medical tests, such as allergy and skin tests, to make sure that you are ready for the injection without any problems.

The doctor will then carefully examine your skin and face to determine the exact problem, and then give you a local anesthetic.

After that, the doctor will begin to reshape the jaw line by injecting quantities of filler in precisely defined areas.

After jaw surgery:

In general, recovery from this procedure requires a short time, and it helps to follow some instructions, such as:

  • Stick to the medications and antibiotics your doctor prescribes to control pain and prevent infection.
  • Maintain an upright position for your head two hours after the injection.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun within 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the area.
  • Avoid strenuous activities or sports for at least two days after the procedure.
  • Avoid smoking after the procedure, for at least two weeks.
Nose filler - a revolution in the field of Rhinoplasty

Nose filler – a revolution in the field of Rhinoplasty

What is Rhinoplasty with fillers?

It is a non-surgical procedure, used by people who wish to make minor adjustments to their nose without resorting to surgery, such as raising the tip of the nose, smoothing the curves of the nose, adjusting the protrusions and hiding the bumps, changing the curvature of the bridge of the nose; This helps to show the aesthetics of the nose and work on its consistency with the rest of the facial features, so that the face appears in its perfect shape.

It is also used to solve some congenital anomalies that do not necessarily require surgery, such as the nose tilting to a certain side, or that the two openings are not equal, or one end of the nose is higher or larger than the other.

This is done by injecting fillers into specific points of the nose determined by the doctor according to each case, in an easy and quick process.

How is the nasal filler injection process?

  1. First, the doctor determines the areas in which he will inject the materials, and their quantities, by drawing lines and points for more accurate identification.
  2. The doctor puts a local anesthetic on your nose to prevent tingling and pain, and starts the injections in the designated areas.
  3. The doctor massages the area and distributes the filler well and as required.

This takes 15 to 45 minutes, if long.

What are the advantages of Rhinoplasty with fillers?

  1. The process is easy and simple and there is no pain during application.
  2. Nose filler results are immediate.
  3. You can return to your normal life immediately after the procedure.
  4. Swelling and bruising are very small and almost not visible.

How long do nose filler results last?

The results appear immediately and last for a period ranging between 9 to 12 months, depending on the skin’s absorption of the materials used.
And this period is prolonged for people who are regular on the procedure.

Fillers are not suitable for Rhinoplasty in some cases, such as:

  1. When the size of the nose is larger than the filler can fix.
  2. When the nose is fleshy type.
  3. In the case of large bumps and protrusions that cannot be hidden with fillers.

Before the nose filler procedure:

  1. You must ensure that you are not allergic to the fillers.
  2. Ensure that there are no skin infections on the face, especially in the nose area.
  3. Tell your doctor about the medications you are taking, especially if you have blood-thinning medications.
  4. Drink plenty of water and fluids to keep the body and face hydrated.

After the nose filler procedure:

  • Some redness or swelling may appear after the filler is injected into the nose, and this is normal, and it should begin to disappear within two hours.
  • This procedure does not require a recovery period and you can return to your normal activities immediately, but it is better to give yourself some rest with the need not to touch the nose or massage the face in the first hours.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Avoid putting cosmetics on the face in the first hours.
  • Final results appear within 1-2 weeks.

That’s all about the nose filler at Beauty valleys Clinic. For more details, contact us or visit us.

For more on non-surgical Rhinoplasty procedures, read this article:

6 uses of micro needling

6 uses of micro needling 

What is micro needling?

It is a technique that relies in its principle on inserting a large number of micro-needles into the outer layers of the skin in order to solve some problems and obtain fresher skin.

But how is this?
When a specific area is punctured with needles, it is alerted that some damage has befallen this place, and on this basis the skin activates the cells of this area with the production of large amounts of collagen, which gives the skin its luster and its youthful appearance.

In this procedure, a cylindrical device with a handle, at the end of which resembles a brush, is used, with a large number of fine needles, with lengths between 0.2 and 3 mm, that are passed over the skin back and forth.

What are the most important uses of micro-needling technique?

  1. Acupuncture helps to rejuvenate the skin of the face and get rid of wrinkles caused by aging, as well as wrinkles of the hands.
  2. Treatment of scars, wounds and burns, with the effect of collagen resulting from the activation of cells in the layers of the skin, and their production of a fresh new layer free of any traces and scars.
  3. Removing cellulite and loose skin, especially in the abdominal area, after pregnancy and childbirth.
  4. Treating sunburn, dark spots and skin pigmentation.
  5. Minimizing large skin pores and giving a smooth appearance to the skin.
  6. It can also be used to enhance the skin’s benefit from a certain substance, as it is placed on needles and massaged the area with it, which gives greater and faster benefit.

Is it harmful to acupuncture?

In fact, the damage here is deliberate and deliberate in order to stimulate cells to repair and restore the skin.

As for the complications that can occur due to this procedure, they are rare and not serious. Some bruising, pigmentation, bleeding, and infection may appear;
This can be caused by the wrong use of needles, the use of inappropriate lengths, or the lack of sterilization of tools.

Therefore, it is important here to choose the clinic and doctor carefully.

Other than that, it is a very safe method as it does not require the use of heat or chemicals like other methods of treating the skin.

It must be remembered that the tingling will affect the skin in some way and irritate it. There must be some redness in the area, and perhaps drops of blood.. There is no need to worry, this will go away with time

Micro needling results:

The results of the puncture do not appear immediately, but it takes a while for the body to respond and renew the skin cells, for the results to begin to appear, with the need to know that our bodies respond to different conditions, so the appearance of the result varies from person to person.

It is necessary to continue and follow the treatment to the end, often from 6 to 10 sessions .. in order to obtain the desired results.

Visit us at Beauty Valleys Clinic, get a free consultation, and book the procedure that suits you.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Millions of tourists come to Turkey annually in order to enjoy the beauty of nature, but recently, tourism is no longer limited into visiting touristic and recreational places only, but another type has emerged called medical tourism or cosmetic tourism; Where Turkey is famous for being the first destination for those who are looking for beauty and cosmetics, and even for therapeutic surgeries.

Here we can classify tourists into two types:

1. Tourists for physical therapy, i.e. relaxation and recreation within nature and hot springs therapy.

2. Tourists for medical treatment in hospitals.

This is what Beauty Valleys Clinic is about, as it offers, after treatment, a tourist trip to the most beautiful areas in Turkey.

Why Turkey?!

Turkey is characterized by many points that constitute an attraction factor and qualify it to be the first destination for anyone who wants to perform a medical or cosmetic procedure, or even just for recreation, relaxation and psychological comfort.

● Turkey has many hot springs, lakes and sulfur waters, which the state pays special attention to.

● The most famous medical and cosmetic centers are located in Turkey.

● Affordable and low prices compared to the prices of cosmetic and treatment operations in Europe and other countries.

● The advanced medical level in Turkey and the presence of a large number of distinguished hospitals, which gives the patient wide options.

● Medical centers and hospitals are equipped with the latest medical and laboratory tools and various advanced technologies.

● The proximity of hospitals to important tourist attractions in Turkey, which facilitates movement and makes wonderful tours after operations.

● The large availability of companies that organize medical and cosmetic tourism trips to Turkey.

● The costs of tourism and treatment are low compared to other countries.

The most famous medical tourism operations in Turkey:

Tourists come to Turkey in the first place, in order to obtain medical services, whether therapeutic or cosmetic. We review the most important areas:

  • Hair transplant services, for men and women, whether head hair, eyebrows, or beard.
  • Surgical operations such as weight loss operations through gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, or gastric bypass…etc.
  • Body plastic surgery such as tightening, breast augmentation and reduction, buttocks and full body sculpting.
  • Facial plastic surgery, tightening, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, jaw surgery.
  • Injections procedures such as fillers, Botox, plasma, skin care and its freshness…

Where is medical tourism concentrated in Turkey?

Medical tourism is fully active in Turkey, but it is intensively concentrated in Istanbul, where most of the cosmetic tourism companies are located.

Its spread can also be observed in some other cities, such as Bursa, Izmir, Konya, Mersin, Gaziantep, and others, with different offers from one company to another.

If you want to experience this special journey, you can contact Beauty Valleys Clinic, which offers the best offers at prices that suit everyone.

Brazilian butt... is it the best option_

Brazilian butt… is it the best option?

The shape and proportion of the buttocks are important factors for an attractive, proportioned body!

In Brazilian butt lift surgery, the surgeon can use the techniques of autologous fat transfer to show the buttocks in an attractive, prominent circular shape, and this is what is known as the Brazilian butt lift.

Beauty Valleys Clinic and its surgeons provide you with this service with a high professionalism, no need to hesitate, contact us and try this special!

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

It is a procedure in which fat is suctioned from areas of the body, such as the hips, abdomen or thighs, and then re-injected it into the buttocks technically to increase the size of the buttocks and reshape them to appear more attractive, without the need for implants and the introduction of foreign materials into the body.

This helps in improving the proportions of the entire lower body, as the skilled surgeon works to reduce fat in unwanted areas, and increase it in areas that need it, with results that last for many years.

Why is a butt lift done in the Brazilian way?

Many factors determine the shape, size and proportion of the buttocks, including the genetic factor, and perhaps the shape of the skeleton itself, including how fat is stored in the body, which gives an undesirable result for many people, who are not happy with flat buttocks that lack size and beautiful shape.

Serious diet and exercise can achieve the requirement in some cases, but the Brazilian butt lift helps to overcome the effects of genetics by completely reshaping the buttocks, with the surrounding areas such as the hips, thighs and lower back.

 You might seriously consider it To:

• Enhances the curves of your lower body.

• Reduces fat in unwanted areas and adds desired fullness to the buttocks in a natural way.

• It gives you an attractive body shape, and makes you more youthful.

• Enhance the aesthetic proportions by improving the balance between the upper and lower body.

How is the Brazilian butt lift operation?

– The surgery involves 3 basic steps:

First: The stage of removing fat from the areas to be reduced (hips – thighs – lower back…), using liposuction techniques.

Second: The stage of preparing the extracted fats, for transportation, after their purification.

Third: The stage of fat injection in predetermined points in the buttocks, to reach the desired shape and size.

The doctor takes into account that the injected fat is not used entirely, as a proportion of it is absorbed by the body, so he may inject a larger amount than is required to reach the desired result.

Who is a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

In general, a good candidate is:

• The one who wants to enlarge the buttocks without implants.

• Those who have good skin tone in the hips and buttocks.

• Who has enough excess fat in other areas of the body.

• Who has the ability to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for several weeks.

Brazilian butt lift or buttock implants?

While the Brazilian butt lift is a natural and safe method that increases the size of the buttocks without implants, it is not an option for thin people with little fat, So Buttock implants are their only option to achieve the required size, and accordingly it is necessary to understand the risks and side effects that can occur. It occurs when implants are implanted, and it must be accepted that it does not give the natural shape that a Brazilian butt lift operation achieves.

After the operation:

It is possible to return to the resumption of light daily activities within one week after the operation, and it is possible to return to work within approximately 10 to 14 days.

But it is worth noting that it is not permissible to sit or lie directly on the buttocks during the first two weeks after surgery; This includes paying attention when sleeping, either on the side or on the stomach.

Normal sitting is possible after about two months.

As for the results, they appear fully within 6 months after the surgery, and it is assumed that they will last for many years, and it is better to keep the weight constant so that large fluctuations in weight do not affect the results of the operation.

Underarm Botox ... Is it effective_

Underarm Botox … Is it effective?

It is known that Botox is a cosmetic treatment in order to reduce wrinkles, by relaxing the muscles, or we can say that it causes temporary muscle paralysis.

The uses of Botox have expanded and developed to give us amazing results on all levels, such as using it in the treatment of muscular conditions such as cramps, nervousness, migraine headaches, injecting it into the stomach for weight loss, and also in cases of excessive sweating!

How does it treat excessive sweating? Does it have negative effects?

How Botox injections work in the treatment of sweating:

Normally, when the body temperature rises, the nervous system activates the sweat glands to produce sweat in order for the body to automatically cool itself; In people with hyperhidrosis, the nerves that activate the sweat glands are overactive.

And here comes the role of Botox, which paralyzes these excessive nerves, so that they are no longer able to send signals to the sweat glands, and thus stop the secretion of sweat.

In other words, Botox injections block the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is linked to the sweat glands to signal the secretion of sweat.

How is the procedure done?

The procedure is simple and fast. It is performed directly in the doctor’s Clinic. It takes 20 to 30 minutes. The places to be injected are determined, and they are injected with fine needles, under the skin, by 15 to 20 injections that form a network pattern in the area to be treated.

He may need another session to follow up and fix any missed points.

The doctor usually asks not to shave the armpits for two or three days before the procedure.

He must also be informed of any medications the patient is taking; If he is taking blood thinners, the doctor may ask him to stop taking it for a few days before the injection, to prevent bruising.

After the injection, you can immediately return to work and normal life.

As for the results, it often takes 2 to 4 days to notice the results, and two weeks to complete the final injection results.

It is noteworthy that the results of Botox injections are not permanent, so it is necessary to re-inject or take supportive injections after 7-16 months.

Pros and cons of Botox injections under the armpit:


● An effective non-surgical solution.

● Painless.

● Safe, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

● Sufficient studies have been conducted on this procedure, and one of them found that sweat secretion was reduced by 90% after two weeks of injection.


● High cost.

● The need to follow up the injections every 7 to 16 months.

● Pain and other side effects are possible, but they are generally very minor.