Dynamic Body Sculpting

In light of what we are witnessing today from the spread of the image of the ideal and the stereotype that the body should be, getting this ideal body has turned from a mere desire and luxury to a necessity and need for a vast majority of people.

In view of these needs and their tremendous increase in number, medicine and doctors did not hesitate to provide the necessary modern technologies that provide us with the best results in the fastest and easiest way.

One of these wonderful techniques is the dynamic Vaser sculpting technique; So, what is dynamic sculpting? How is it? And who are the candidates to do? Let us answer all your questions in this article.

  • 4D dynamic sculpture:

To first understand what is dynamic four-dimensional sculpting, we must first know the three basic dimensions that are relied upon in lasers, which are length, width, and depth; In the four-dimensional technique, the fourth dimension that distinguishes this property is added, which is the kinetic dimension.

The kinetic dimension is defined here as the change in the shape of the body with muscle contractions, that is, during its movement.

This includes harmonizing the curves of the body, and defining and highlighting the muscles in all anatomical positions, in order to obtain a slim and athletic figure in all cases.

  • How is the process of dynamic body sculpting?

The liposuction stage here relies on Vaser, which is ultrasonic frequency waves, used to break down and dissolve fat, which is more accurate than other methods used to dissolve fat, and does not cause any damage to surrounding tissues.

Then, this melted fat is suctioned out by cannula tubes.

It is possible to keep the fat for re-injection into other areas of the body; Read the article “Autologous fat injection”.

  • Candidates for 4D Body Sculpting:
  1. People with flexible skin: Because the use of vaser is a non-surgical intervention and is carried out by passing rays over the surface of the skin, it is important that the skin be thin and flexible in order to achieve satisfactory results.
  2.  Muscular physiques: Although the technique is very accurate and specialized in showing a muscular and athletic body, it is important that the foundation be present, to get the best results.
  3.  Those with an ideal weight: the weight should not exceed its normal rate by more than 7 kilograms.
  4.  Non-smokers: Smoking in this case increases the risk of side effects and slows down the skin’s recovery process.

If you are one of these candidates and want to show your body in a more healthy and fit appearance, you should perform dynamic sculpting at the Beauty Valleys Clinic, which is performed by the best doctors and in the best hospitals in Istanbul.

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