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Eyelid tightening with Plexr(laser technology)

With the great development and multiplicity of cosmetic methods and techniques, there is no problem that does not have a solution; One of the most common problems that women face and bother them are the problems of wrinkles and sagging that affect the face, especially the eyes, as the wrinkles of the eyelids are the first to appear with age, and give the appearance of aging and advanced age that women do not want.

Therefore, new techniques have emerged that have helped to solve this problem, especially for those who do not prefer surgery, and one of the best of these techniques is the Plexiglas device.

What is a plexer device?

The Plexr device is the latest, fastest and most accurate technology in tightening the upper eyelids and removing wrinkles and sagging skin.

It is a small laser pen, and it is called a segmental laser as it vaporizes the excess skin by shining laser beams on the sagging skin directly, without affecting the surrounding tissues, leaving small burns in the place, stimulating collagen in them, which leads to skin tightening.

Before starting to use it, the patient is given local anesthesia in the area to be treated, and anesthesia is often by cream, because anesthesia through injection may cause swelling and eliminate wrinkles, and therefore it is difficult for the doctor to know the area to be treated accurately.

In some cases, the treatment area may be large, the doctor here may numb the main nerve of the entire face, which may give greater comfort to the patient.

You may be wondering if the Plexr device is a good alternative to surgery.

Treatment with a Plexr device is only specialized in treating skin sagging, but in cases of muscle sagging and removing excess fat, it is not enough, and here it is better to go to surgery or any other technique that suits the case.

It can be said that the Plexer device is a good companion for plastic surgeons and a post-operative supplement.

The Plxer consists of three small laser pens:

  • White Plxer for delicate skin.
  • Green Plxer for light skin.
  • Red Plxer device for cutting and removing pimples.

After Eyelid Lift with Plexr:

After the procedure, scars will appear in the form of dark dots, which will peel off and disappear by themselves in about a week after the procedure, you should not touch them or try to peel them by hand so that they do not turn into permanent scars.

The patient will notice a little redness that may appear on the sixth day, in addition to light wrinkles, which you do not need to worry about, and they will quickly disappear within a few days.

The results of Plexer tightening last about five or six years, and this depends mostly on good care and diet, avoiding smoking, sunlight and any other factors that may affect the treatment area; The doctor helps by giving the necessary instructions after the procedure.

If you are hesitant about treating your facial wrinkles, don’t think too much! Beauty Valleys Clinic offers you the Plexr treatment service with the best and most experienced doctors.

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