Facelift in Turkey

Facelift in Turkey

for a Shinning look!

With the passage of time and advancing of age, facial skin may lose its freshness and firmness, so sagging skin and other problems begin to appear, especially with other factors that help such as; stress, permanent fatigue, or weight loss.

But now these are not even problems anymore, as it only takes a visit to Beauty Valleys Clinic to solve, and you will be walking away younger and brighter.

What is a Face- Lift Operation procedure?

Most people who want to hide the signs of aging resort to this procedure, as it includes tightening the facial muscles in addition to tightening the facial skin and giving it a younger and smoother appearance.

This operation is also performed in cases of desire to remove some of the excess face fat.

It is reported that when this procedure is applied, the patient is given complete anesthesia, because can take several hours continuously, depending on the case, and according to the technique approved by the surgeon.

The doctor here usually makes incisions in different parts according to the type of face-lift operation being performed. If the operation is to lift and tighten the forehead, the incision starts from the temple where the hairs hide and extends towards the front of the ears before ending behind the earlobe. 

To raise the eyebrow, an incision is made above the forehead within the hair line.

 If it is to lift the middle of the face, incisions are made in the eyelid.

 And if it is for an area below the face, a small incision is made that starts in front of the ear and extends to the down and behind of it.

In other cases, the situation requires another incision under the chin, to tighten the neck muscles and remove their sagging, as it is a joint operation to tighten the face and neck together.

Do not worry, at Beauty Valleys Clinic, the latest technology and the most skilled surgeons will perform the procedure without any pain or dangerous complications and with the best desired results.

Why is Turkey always the destination for Face-Lift operation?

Our faces are our signatures and they are what distinguishes us, reveal our personalities, characteristics and emotions. Gives the first impression about us. So, everyone seeks extra attention to the face and is keen in looking for the best surgeons to perform operations with a reasonable price and within reasonable limits, therefore, the main destination for most of those wishing to perform Face-Lift was Turkey. It provides the best results that can be obtained which are always satisfactory in some way.

What is the cost of a face-Lift in Turkey?

The cost of face-lift operation in Turkey is cheaper compared to other countries, due to the average and reasonable cost of living in the country, and the cost can vary depending on each case, its requirements, the patient’s needs and desires, and it is also affected by the technique used.

Beauty Valleys Clinic offers you a face-lift service with its multiple technologies at very satisfactory prices that suit everyone.

Why should you choose Beauty Valleys Clinic for Face-Lift operation?

Successful results always require a combination of high medical expertise and high-level professional skill, with the latest and most comfortable technology for the patient.

Our center is keen to have these specifications, in addition to high-quality medical care and attention to the health and safety of the patient before, during and after the procedure.

And all this for a price that pleases everyone. Facelift in Turkey Facelift in Turkey

Hurry up and visit our center, do not hesitate to choose what suits you.

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