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Golden Threads to tighten the neck

Recently, there have been many modern non-surgical cosmetic techniques to become an adequate alternative to surgeries; One of these techniques is the technique of tightening with threads, golden threads in particular, as it has spread widely in recent times after it has proven its efficiency and effectiveness in solving the problem of flabbiness in many areas of the body.

In this article, we will talk about the role of this technique in treating and tightening the sagging skin of the neck.

What are Golden Threads?

The threads thickness does not exceed one millimeter. They are made of gold and glycolic acid. They are anti-allergic and do not cause immune side effects. The threads have cracks to help fix them in the tissues.

The principle of work of these threads is to create a new frame under the skin that improves the appearance of the outer skin and tightens it, and reduces wrinkles that may occur in the future.

These threads are of different lengths and thicknesses, and their absorbability varies, depending on the condition and cosmetic purpose.

After installing the threads under the skin, a collagen shell forms around it, which leads to the formation of a rejuvenating effect, and the gold ions stimulate the tissue saturation with oxygen, improving blood circulation and collagen production.

Gold is an anti-allergic material that has been tested over time and with multiple uses it has proven to be effective, given that this method has gained popularity and has been used extensively. It is a great alternative for those who have minor wrinkles and sagging who want to get rid of them but do not like surgery.

Steps for applying Golden Threads in neck lift:

In fact, this operation can be classified among the easy operations. Its application takes from half an hour to an hour, and it is performed under local anesthesia according to the following steps: 

1- The doctor plans the areas that need tightening, and determines the injection points and the thread exit points.

2- The skin is cleansed and local anesthetic is applied.

3- The doctor begins applying the procedure by inserting the threads 3 mm deep under the skin, so he uses an assistive device with a hollow heart to place the thread and fix it in a specific position.

4- After all the threads are fixed, the doctor cleanses the skin, and a protective plaster is applied.

A cold compress (ice pad) is also applied to the area to reduce swelling.

5- It is also possible to apply the injection after tightening the threads, to obtain the desired results.

When do we use tightening with Golden Threads?

First of all, the patient must know that threading does not get rid of excess skin, it is good in cases of light sagging only, otherwise surgery must be resorted to cut the excess skin. 

There are many uses of golden threads in tightening:

• Lift the wrinkles of the forehead and bridge of the nose.

• Elimination of fine wrinkles.

• Tightening the skin in the chest area.

• Restore skin elasticity.

• Tightening the folds and wrinkles around the mouth.

• Jaw sagging, and soft tissues.

• For preventive purposes and for those who want to preserve their youth for as long as possible, at the age of 27-37.

Knowing that this procedure is not recommended to be done before 35-40 years.

After a neck lift with threads:

Results are visible after 2-4 weeks after the procedure, during which swelling and bruising will gradually disappear.

The speed of recovery largely depends on the patient’s adherence to the doctor’s recommendations, such as:

• Not peeling the treated areas.

• Refrain from swimming, sauna and solarium.

• Avoid intense physical activities.

• Do not use cosmetics in the first days after the procedure.

• Commitment to a special cream for wound healing.

• Consult a doctor immediately in case of any complications.

Advantages of Golden Threads tightening:

• The effect is long lasting.

• Local anesthesia, and a quick recovery period.

• Improving skin quality. 

• Affordable price compared to surgery.

• Quick results appear.

• Golden fibers improve blood circulation and collagen production.

Disadvantages of tightening with Golden Threads:

• Specific age. 

• It is not suitable for many wrinkles, as it does not get rid of excess skin.

• The possibility of allergic reactions and complications.

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