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Hair transplant for women in Turkey

There is no doubt that hair shows the female beauty and increases it, especially if the hair is thick and healthy. However, women tend to suffer from mild thinning all over the scalp instead of hair loss, and also have the problem of thinning hair in the front of the head (Front Line) But this problem can often be treated with the same methods used on men and with excellent results.

What are the causes of baldness or hair thinning for women?

Nutrition and hormonal imbalance are often the most important factors leading to hair thinning. Hair loss usually occurs during times of hormonal changes such as childbirth or menopause.

Blood tests here are useful in evaluating these possibilities to discover the cause and thus treat the problem in the right way.

Hair loss often occurs in the early twenties and accelerates with ageing.

But the hair at the back of the head often retains as it is and helps in hair transplantation in other areas of the head, which have light hair.

What forms of baldness in women?

Baldness in women occurs in several different patterns:

  1.  Christmas tree pattern.
  2.  Gradual thinning in one of the masculine patterns.
  3. A gradual thin pattern on the top of the head behind the hairline (Ludwig Model I, II, III).
  4. Diffuse alopecia, which causes thinning of hair all over the scalp.

It is noteworthy that women with diffuse alopecia areata cannot perform hair transplant operations because there is not enough donor hair, and the operations do not achieve any benefit.

But this disease rarely affects women, and they often become bald in one of the previous patterns, so they can be treated.

What is the solution to hair thinning problem for women?

To solve the problem, women resort to hair transplant operations with either FUE or DHI technology, and female transplantation is similar to these techniques in males, there is no difference in principle, but women often use FUE technique because it is the best surgical treatment for filling thin areas.

Good candidates for this procedure must have thick hair growth at the back of the head, as the follicles are harvested from this dense area and replanted in the thinner areas to give a fuller appearance.

Follicular units or in other words (grafts) contain one to three hairs per unit.

Follicle units of different sizes are used in women’s hair transplantation, where the single-hair grafts are generally placed in the front of the head in an unusual pattern along the hair line, and then the two-, three- and four-hair grafting units are placed behind the single hair follicle unit, in order to obtain thicker appearance of hair.

It should be noted here that some women may have excessive sensitivity of the scalp, so an anesthetic cream is applied before the surgical anesthetic.

What are the results of hair transplant for women?

After the operation, some doctors allow the patient to remove the bandages, she does not have to use them, but it is better to put them on, as it is recommended to use them within the first 24 hours as a minimum, for better protection and treatment.

Medications are given to reduce the risk of swelling during the first 3 days after surgery.

Pain medication is also given to reduce discomfort when needed.

In terms of results, the transplanted hair maintains all the characteristics of the original hair growth and new hair grows in the back.

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