Hair Transplantation with Choi pens

Hair Transplantation with Choi pens

With the Development of technology and medicine, especially in the field of hair transplantation, new methods were invented and many tools and techniques developed to apply these methods.

One of the most famous and innovative hair transplantation treatments is hair transplantation with Choi pens, through the DHI technique.

What are choi pens? What have it done in the field of hair transplantation? What are its advantages and disadvantages?!

All the information is in this article.

What is a choi pen?

It is a very accurate and effective tool, used in the field of hair transplant in order to give distinctive results with a more natural appearance.

It was invented in 1992 in South Korea.

This tool is like a pen, it has a hollow needle of 0.5 mm – 1.5 mm, placed on its tip, and in a certain way the follicles are extracted very easily, and re-implanted in the desired area, with the same ease too!

The mechanism of action of the Choi pen in the hair transplant procedure:

The difference and the thing that distinguishes the implantation with Choi pens is that it does not need to make incisions and scars and take a slice of the scalp like other techniques, here the follicles taken from the donor area (which is either the back of the head, beard and sideburns hair, or chest hair) are implanted directly in the treated area.

Once the follicles are extracted, they are placed in a Choi pen in the hollow needle, which is immediately connected to the plunger, which in turn is immediately placed in place when pressed, and thus the follicles are implanted one by one, taking into account the accuracy of the angle 40-45 and ensuring the correct direction of hair growth.

Why are Choi pens more efficient?

Because the speed of implantation with Choi pens contributes to raising the survival rates of the follicles alive, as in other methods of transplantation, the follicles are kept outside the body until the doctor opens the channels in the transplanted area, and this is considered a challenge, because the unfrozen follicles can live outside the body maximum for six hours!

In addition, Choi pens allow implants to be performed without shaving the donor area, which is what most patients prefer, especially women.

Advantages of implantation with Choi pens:

1- More control over the angle of implantation.

2- Ensuring that the follicles remain alive.

3- Higher density.

4- There is no need to shave the hair or take a slice of the scalp.

5- Less chance of infection and bleeding, as there are no cracks.

6- Faster recovery.

Disadvantages of implantation with Choi pens:

1- It requires sufficient experience and an experienced doctor.

2- A limited number of follicles (3500-4000)

3- Not the best option for people with very curly hair.

4- Higher price compared to other technologies.

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