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Not Only for celebrities anymore!!

With the development of cosmetic trends, everybody now can now get a Hollywood smile

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What is a Hollywood smile?

They are veneers, usually made of porcelain, and placed on the front of the tooth. It changes the color, size and shape of the tooth, in addition to the possibility of adjusting the length.

Porcelain is a material that is resistant to pigmentation, and also gives a look that is closer to natural teeth.

While some people resort to adjusting their smile by preparing the teeth and applying cosmetic faces (veneers), others refuse to modify their natural teeth for fear of permanent damage to them, and here the animated Hollywood smile (Snap on Smile) was the magic solution for these people.

The moving Hollywood smile or the so-called moving veneers:

It is a layer that can be placed and removed by the patient. It may include the entire dental arch, similar to movable prostheses, but the goal here is cosmetic just to obtain the color and shape to be reached temporarily without modifying the natural teeth.

The most important features of the animated Hollywood smile:

  • It does not require any drilling or dental filling, except in some special cases that require minimal preparation.
  • It can be performed without any pain or sensitivity.
  • Do not use anesthesia or adhesives.
  • Completely safe and does not affect the teeth in the long term.
  • Good types are not affected by dyes such as coffee and tea.
  • It lasts for relatively good periods of time.
  • Inexpensive compared to other options.
  • Provides the required aesthetic aspect in terms of color and shape.
  • Ease of manufacture and application.

When do people resort to the permanent Hollywood smile?

People resort to designing this smile in several cases, including:

• Teeth that are discolored and cannot be bleached.

• Teeth with multiple pigmented cosmetic restorations.

Partially broken teeth.

• The presence of small spaces between the teeth (especially diastema).

• Abnormal positioning of the teeth.

It is possible not to include all the teeth only visible ones in the smile.

It is worth noting that in some special cases it is not possible to make this smile, because:

• Who have bad oral habits such as biting on pens, biting nails, and gnashing of teeth.

•  People with poor oral care.

• The presence of large spaces between the teeth requires orthodontic treatment.

• Tooth protrusion significantly.

How is a Hollywood smile made?

The steps to making a smile are many and it is not done in one session. We explain them to you as follows:

1- Diagnosis and development of an appropriate treatment plan.

2- Choose the color.

3- Preparing the teeth to receive the faces, so that the doctor removes a thin layer of the tooth surface ranging between 0.5-0.3 mm.

4- Taking an impression of the prepared teeth and sending it to the laboratory.

5- Designing and making faces by the laboratory and sending them to the doctor.

6- The doctor tests the faces and makes sure that they are suitable in terms of shape, size and color.

7- Obtaining the consent of the patient.

8- Final gluing of faces.

What are the advantages of a Hollywood smile?

Giving the patient a bright and attractive smile.

It gives the patient self-confidence and thus improves his social life.

– Prevents pigmentation and discoloration of teeth.

– It gives the possibility to choose the color, shape and length that the patient prefers, in proportion to the shape of the face and skin color, in agreement with the doctor.

Despite the advantages of Hollywood smile and the popularity of it from all over the world, it is expensive and requires good financial means to bear its burdens.

  These crusts last for 10-15 years, and it is possible that they last longer. This depends on the patient’s care and how much he cares about his oral health.

What is the cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey?

The cost is determined on the basis of several factors:

1- The condition of the teeth and the treatment that must be done before making a smile.

2- The number of teeth covered by the smile.

3- The type of lenses to be attached.

4- The doctor’s skill and efficiency and fame, in addition to the reputation of the medical center.

But in general, the prices for this procedure in Turkey are lower compared to other regions.

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