Is DHI better for hair density

In parallel with the increase in baldness cases and the prevalence of hair loss, science is developing and hair transplantation techniques are developing, to become more specialized and accurate in solving the problem.

It is known that in the field of hair transplantation, there are two techniques that create confusion for the person undergoing the transplantation process.

Should I go for DHI or FUE?

We, at the Beauty Valleys Clinic – as doctors specialized in this field, help you to choose based on several criteria and conditions that must be met, to ensure the most appropriate solution for each individual case.

It is also our duty to provide you with sufficient information about the two techniques, so that you have the minimum – at least – when you intend to perform the surgery.

FUE and DHI are two techniques that help achieve the desired result and give the best appearance, but there are some differences between them, so it is important for the patient to understand both techniques well, in order to determine the most appropriate method that gives the desired appearance.

In short, we can compare the two technologies and identify the main differences between them:

The most important difference lies in the DHI technique using a Choi pen in it, which is a surgical tool similar to a pen, used to implant the graft immediately in the target place.

If the patient suffers from large bald areas in his head, or significant hair loss, and aspires to cover larger areas in his head, then the FUE technique is most suitable for him, because of the ability to harvest a large amount of grafts at one time.

But if he just wants to increase the density of his hair, of course DHI is the best.

There is a difference that we do not forget to mention, as it is very important, especially for females, is that in the FUE technique, the hair of the head must be completely shaved, while in the DHI technique, only the hair of the donor area is shaved; This is very beneficial for female patients.

In general, the decision is based, as we mentioned, on several factors, the most important of which is accurately defining the patient’s problem, that is, determining the type and degree of baldness he has, the size of the bald spot, and its proportionality.. The amount of good follicles that can be harvested from the donor area, is it enough for this The bald spot?! Is it enough to cover it lightly only or can you give the area a good density? How healthy are these follicles?!

Many patients ask, what technique gives me thicker hair?

It is worth noting that all treatments and techniques have one goal, which is to increase the number of hairs in the area, cover empty areas, and increase density in areas, to give a better appearance.

But it cannot be recognized that one technology is better than another, so in general!

Each technology is better for a particular situation, for a person, for a problem that we want to solve in the best possible way.

Through the studies, experiments, and operations that were conducted, it was found that the FUE technique is great for covering large areas of hair, and this is due to the possibility of harvesting a larger number of follicles together in this technique; As for the DHI technology, it is excellent for those who want to obtain more density in their hair.

In the end, choosing the best technique for you is a decision for the professionals, in cooperation with you, of course. You may think that one method is more appropriate for you, while after examinations and tests, the specialized surgeon finds that another method is better for your condition.

The surgeon will certainly discuss this with you and explain the whole situation to you. Trust him after you have an understanding of the matter, and we hope that we have given you sufficient understanding.

Review our Beauty Valleys clinic, get your free consultation, and let us help you make the right decision.

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