Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Millions of tourists come to Turkey annually in order to enjoy the beauty of nature, but recently, tourism is no longer limited into visiting touristic and recreational places only, but another type has emerged called medical tourism or cosmetic tourism; Where Turkey is famous for being the first destination for those who are looking for beauty and cosmetics, and even for therapeutic surgeries.

Here we can classify tourists into two types:

1. Tourists for physical therapy, i.e. relaxation and recreation within nature and hot springs therapy.

2. Tourists for medical treatment in hospitals.

This is what Beauty Valleys Clinic is about, as it offers, after treatment, a tourist trip to the most beautiful areas in Turkey.

Why Turkey?!

Turkey is characterized by many points that constitute an attraction factor and qualify it to be the first destination for anyone who wants to perform a medical or cosmetic procedure, or even just for recreation, relaxation and psychological comfort.

● Turkey has many hot springs, lakes and sulfur waters, which the state pays special attention to.

● The most famous medical and cosmetic centers are located in Turkey.

● Affordable and low prices compared to the prices of cosmetic and treatment operations in Europe and other countries.

● The advanced medical level in Turkey and the presence of a large number of distinguished hospitals, which gives the patient wide options.

● Medical centers and hospitals are equipped with the latest medical and laboratory tools and various advanced technologies.

● The proximity of hospitals to important tourist attractions in Turkey, which facilitates movement and makes wonderful tours after operations.

● The large availability of companies that organize medical and cosmetic tourism trips to Turkey.

● The costs of tourism and treatment are low compared to other countries.

The most famous medical tourism operations in Turkey:

Tourists come to Turkey in the first place, in order to obtain medical services, whether therapeutic or cosmetic. We review the most important areas:

  • Hair transplant services, for men and women, whether head hair, eyebrows, or beard.
  • Surgical operations such as weight loss operations through gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, or gastric bypass…etc.
  • Body plastic surgery such as tightening, breast augmentation and reduction, buttocks and full body sculpting.
  • Facial plastic surgery, tightening, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, jaw surgery.
  • Injections procedures such as fillers, Botox, plasma, skin care and its freshness…

Where is medical tourism concentrated in Turkey?

Medical tourism is fully active in Turkey, but it is intensively concentrated in Istanbul, where most of the cosmetic tourism companies are located.

Its spread can also be observed in some other cities, such as Bursa, Izmir, Konya, Mersin, Gaziantep, and others, with different offers from one company to another.

If you want to experience this special journey, you can contact Beauty Valleys Clinic, which offers the best offers at prices that suit everyone.

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