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Nefertiti and Texas

the famous names in the world of jaw surgery in Turkey!

The jaw area is one of the areas where the signs of aging appear clearly, as the skin in this area starts sagging due to the tissue losing its elasticity. which calls for the use of jaw surgery, and without a doubt, Beauty Valleys Clinic is the refuge!

What is jaw surgery?

Jaw surgery, jaw orthodontics, corrective jaw surgery, jaw aesthetics, all are names for a process that reorganizes, corrects and cosmetically improves the jaw bones, whether the problem in the jaw is small or large, when it is not resolved by orthodontics, it must inevitably resort to jaw surgery and cosmetic surgery. 

This process is used for both therapeutic and cosmetic procedures.

Therapeutic ones can be applied in cases such as: functional, mechanical, and vocal problems, inability to speak properly, and many problems that may be exhausting in daily life and cause a great handicap for the person.

On the aesthetic level, some people want to expose the jaw when it is slightly atrophied, or not beautifully visible, and the two most famous techniques for jaw aesthetics in this case are the Nefertiti technique and the Texas technique.

Nefertiti technique is used on the face with the aim of tightening the jaw and neck and eliminating the effects of aging in those areas. It depends mainly on showing the jaw line straight; The injection material used here is Botox.

As for the Texas facial needle, it is used for filling the lean or noticeably thin areas in the vicinity of the lower jaw and the front of the chin. This technique exposes the lower jaw and gives it a semi-right angle; The injection material used here is the filler.

If you need jaw surgery or cosmetic surgery, hurry now to Beauty Valleys Clinic and take the right step to improve your self-confidence and have the look you have always dreamed of.

What are the results of jaw surgery?

  • Once chewing, biting and eating was a problem for you, it is now much easier, giving you the opportunity to enjoy things normally in your life again.
  • Speaking becomes natural, which enhances your social communication even more.
  • You will no longer suffer from the problem of dental erosion, your teeth have become healthier, as the process benefits both on the health and functional level, in addition to its interest in the aesthetic appearance of the jaw, and improving your appearance.
  • Jaw closure and bite fit issues are resolved.
  • The operation relieves the pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorder and other alternative problems in the jaw. These disorders may cause very debilitating and painful symptoms, such as pain when chewing, pain in the jaw, neck and face, and also ear pain.
  • Reducing breathing problems, and pauses in breathing during sleep, as the structure of the jaw can cause difficulty in breathing, which leads to disruption of your correct sleep cycle.

What is the appropriate age for jaw surgery?

Definitely, whoever wants to have jaw surgery, must have reached an age at which jaw bone growth stops, and it is usually recommended that the appropriate ages for females for this operation be between 14-16 at the minimum, and for males between 17 and 21 years old.

What is the cost of jaw surgery in Turkey?

Jaw surgery and cosmetic surgery is an experience worth paying for, and the cost of it in Turkey is the lowest compared to operations in other regions around the world.

Thanks to this low cost in Turkey, a large group of people have opened the way.

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