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Otoplasty with laser and threads

The role of the ear is as important as the rest of the facial features in determining the shape, and if they drew any attention this means that they depart from the natural shape that gives balance and there is a problem. Here, the person has to find the appropriate solution to return his ears to their natural, balanced shape.

In this field, there have been many techniques that help to solve the problems with minimal scars.

Here we are talking about non-surgical techniques in Otoplasty like lasers and threads.

  • Otoplasty with laser:

Laser is used here to make a very simple incision behind the ear, and in some cases in the pinna, and through this incision, which is often 4 cm, the surgeon removes part of the cartilage, as he deems appropriate to form the ear as required, and then closes the incision with small stitches that are almost not be visible.

After this operation, the patient should wear an ear protector, for about a week, until the stitches are removed or melted and fused with the skin, depending on their type.

If we want to compare the surgery with the laser process, despite the presence of the surgical incision in both cases, the incision through laser is much smaller and enables the surgeon to perform the operation with the smallest possible incision and without any scars.

Laser helps to recover quickly because it stimulates cells to divide, and recovers much quicker compared to normal surgery, in addition to the advantage of protecting against infection and thus bleeding.

  • Otoplasty with Threads:

Threads have become the means for those who do not prefer surgery, incisions and scars behind their ears, where the doctor uses threads to implant them in the specified place and begin to tighten and tie them according to the case, so that he wraps them around a part of the cartilage till it wrap on itself to reduce its prominence, and thus reduce the prominence or size of the ear.

One of the advantages of this technique is that the patient sees these stages through the mirror and can tell the doctor the degree to which he is pulling the strings so that his ear appears exactly as he wants.

Its results are immediate and guaranteed and without any wounds or scars.

There is also a so-called “Golden Thread Cosmetic”

They are threads like ordinary threads, but are distinguished by their golden color, which makes their merging with the color of the skin smoother and not very noticeable. While the color of ordinary threads is metal.

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