Scars after FUE hair transplant

Will there be any scars after the procedure?

This question is often at the top of the list of questions that a hair transplant applicant asks the doctor, and you can see if your doctor is honest with you through his answer, as he is supposed to tell you that there is no surgery won’t leave behind scars But.. you can also know the skill of your doctor through his good planning of the operation and his care not to leave visible scars to the public; The surgeon’s experience lies here, because he will use his artistic sense to hide these scars and beautify them as much as possible, so that they cannot be seen.

In this article we will show you what these scars are, how common they are after FUE procedure, and how to treat and reduce them.

What does the scar after hair transplantation look like?

It is obvious that after any surgical procedure, scars will appear at the site of the operation, even with modern hair transplantation techniques.

Just as each procedure has advantages, such as a new appearance and an improvement in self-image, it also has disadvantages, such as recovery time and expected scars after surgery.

Just like in FUE hair transplantation… it is an effective solution in many cases, but it will undoubtedly leave scars on your head.

It is possible that these scars may be small and not visible to the eye after hair growth, and some of them may be visible, because the principle of FUE depends on extracting follicles from other areas of your head such as the back and sides, each follicle separately, and re-implanting them in another place after opening a hole It has a size of 0.7 to 0.9 millimeters, so, as a result, some scars that do not exceed a millimeter will appear in the place of each extracted follicle, even after wound healing (2-3 weeks).

Do not worry, a good operation and an experienced surgeon will not leave you with noticeable scars, and this is what Beauty Valleys doctors and surgeons are distinguished for.

Is it possible to hide the scars resulting from hair transplantation by FUE?

Although the scars resulting from the extraction and transplantation of the follicles in the hair transplantation process are many, but they are small, not exceeding a millimeter, and this supports the ability to hide them, as long as the surrounding hair begins to grow, it will cover it and it will not remain visible.

Also, the surgeon can, with his experience and sleight of hand, reduce these scars, and not take more grafts from the donor area, and take them evenly and regularly so that no voids form in certain places in the donor area.

It is possible that after this procedure, you will not be able to shave your hair at 0 degrees, or thin it at 1 degrees, as scars may appear; If you are unable to keep your hair longer than Grade 1, discuss this with your doctor before undergoing the procedure.

Is it possible to treat scars resulting from hair transplantation with FUE?

If you do not want to hide the scars by growing your hair, you can hide the small scars by dyeing them with a medical tattoo, the so-called scalp micro pigmentation. This helps give the scar a color like the color of your hair, which leads to its integration with your hair and will not remain visible.

We hope that we have provided the most important information about after hair transplant scars.

If you are considering hair transplantation by FUE, or in any other way. Do not hesitate to contact Beauty Valleys Clinic, get your free consultation, and be ready for change!

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