Should I get plastic surgery?

In this era, and with the abundance of cosmetic medical procedures, we are all prone to thinking about cosmetic surgery, whether we need it or not.

So let’s ask ourselves.. Do I really need plastic surgery? Is it suitable for me?!

It is good not to rush to make decisions that concern our bodies, to think about them from all sides, and to choose the best place to do them, and the best hands.

The decision to make up is important, and it does not affect your external appearance only, but also has an impact on your mental health, your social life, your lifestyle, your work, and your entire life!

What should I think if I am considering plastic surgery?

Here you must ask yourself some questions:

• What do I want to change in myself? Why do I want this?

• Why am I considering the procedure now? What triggered me?

• What is the right time for me to do this procedure?

• Will this procedure change my life? Will it affect my condition? On which side?

• Are there other ways I can make the change I’m thinking of?

• Do I think of plastic surgery for me? Or to please others?

• Will my self-confidence increase after this procedure?

• Will I be able to afford this procedure and any future costs of maintaining the results?

• Am I really ready to go through this change?

Some consider that a cosmetic procedure is the solution to all their life problems…

And he thinks of it in the difficult times of his life.. as a way to escape!

Do not assume that a procedure will be the miracle solution, think in a more logical way, and start trying to answer the previous questions, then based on them.. make your decision.

If you feel lost and confused, we at Beauty Valleys help you make the right decision.

We do not recommend plastic surgery just for the sake of surgery! Rather, we recommend it in a manner tailored to each individual according to his condition, in all aspects.

Sometimes someone has to see things from outside the circumference of the circle you are in!


For a sound decision.

• Research, find out and read as much as you can about the procedure you are going to take.

• Think about all the costs: before, after, and during the procedure, the costs of correction, and the future costs of maintaining appearance.

• Talk to experts, consult, and ask.. Don’t be shy to be curious!

• After you decide to have the procedure, book a consultation with the doctor who will perform the procedure for you, and talk to him about everything. This will make you feel safe and comfortable.

• Talk about all the reasons that prompted you to consider this procedure, and what you envision as a change.

• Don’t forget to always feel confident in your appearance!

The doctor who will perform the procedure should talk to you about:

• How this procedure will affect you.

• Explain what will happen in, during, before and after the procedure.

• Asks you about what results to expect.

• Be clear about the change it will make for you, how much change you will get.

In the end..

Take your time in making your decision.. Don’t rush.. Think carefully and don’t feel pressured.

Look carefully for clinics and doctors, look at the business history and results, talk to previous patients… and make a good choice.

Take a break after the consultation to make sure you are ready to move on.

If you don’t feel comfortable about it… walk away.

We at Beauty Valleys Clinic help you answering the question marks about everything you are wondering about, and show you things in a clear and real way.

We help you choose what works for you, not what we want.

Finally, we thank you, if you reach out to us, for giving us an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

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