The most important thing to know about buttock reduction

The most important thing to know about buttock reduction

Despite the spread of buttock augmentation surgeries and women’s demand for them, on the other hand, there is a not small percentage of women, whose goal is the exact opposite, to reduce the buttocks!

If you want to reduce the size of your buttocks, which causes you inconvenience, buttock reduction surgery is the solution.

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What is the buttock reduction surgery?

Buttock reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgical solution, which is carried out using multiple and varied techniques, with one goal, which is to obtain a more harmonious buttock shape and proportional to your body, by tightening the sagging skin and cutting the excess, and removing the excess fat

Techniques used in buttock reduction:

Some of the most popular techniques used:

  1. Vaser technology
    , which relies on ultrasonic frequency waves, in order to break up the fat, without causing any damage to tissues or blood vessels, then this fat is withdrawn by the cannula.
  2. The laser technology,
    which depends on the disintegration of fat by laser beams, to be suctioned out through a cannula tube.
    Reduce the use of laser after the appearance of the laser; But it remains one of the most famous techniques used in this field, for its ease, safety and effective results.
  3. J Plasma
    , which is a revolution in the cosmetic world, combines cold plasma and radiofrequency energy. The J plasma is inserted under the skin to dissolve fat and tighten the skin without any scars.
  4. Micro-air technology,
    which adopts the principle of liposuction, with a system supported by vibration energy, easily breaks down fat cells, especially large ones, without harming blood vessels or tissues; This technique is characterized by its impressive results and short recovery time compared to other techniques.

Before the operation:

  1. Perform the necessary laboratory tests.
  2. Stop taking stimulants, alcohol, and coffee, which affect the anesthesia, a week before the procedure.
  3. Stop smoking two weeks before the procedure.
  4. Avoiding blood-diluting drinks that may cause bleeding, such as green tea; As well as blood-thinning medications (aspirin, ibuprofen…).

After the operation:

  1. Rest approximately two weeks after surgery, before returning to normal activities.
  2. Commit to putting an elastic bandage that reduces swelling and gives better results.
  3. Avoid prolonged sitting.
  4. Sleeping on the side and on the stomach.
  5. Avoid sports and strenuous activities for 6 weeks.
  6. Refrain from smoking for 5 weeks.
  7. Avoid very hot bath and sauna.
  8. Stick to the medications your doctor prescribes for you.
  9. Follow a balanced and healthy diet in order to maintain results.
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