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Alternatives to avoid Surgical Rhinoplasty!

Many people were afraid of surgical Rhinoplasty, due to the relatively long period of complete recovery and the emergence of results, and their fear of some effects and complications after the operation, medicine came with a new, safe and diverse techniques, that satisfy the patient’s need without any negative effects, and without surgery.

And because Beauty valleys Clinic is constantly up to date with the latest technologies and interested in what satisfies the patients aspirations, it provides you non-surgical Rhinoplasty services using the following techniques:

  • Laser Rhinoplasty.
  • Rhinoplasty with threads.
  • Rhinoplasty with fillers.

Laser Rhinoplasty:

Laser has recently gained wide fame in the world of medicine, and has become used greatly in many cosmetic procedures and medical treatments. Its wonderful features have made it a destination for many people; It is easy to apply, no pain, its results appear quickly and the recovery period after it is short.

Laser Rhinoplasty is only rays that are shed on the area to be treated, to reshape its tissues and cartilage according to the desired shape.

It is a completely safe technique, and gives the same aesthetic and functional results as a surgical Rhinoplasty.

It is also distinguished by:

  • Avoid problems with general anesthesia.
  • Reduce the possibility of transmission of infection.
  • No complications, bruising or bleeding after the operation.
  • Higher accuracy and more control over the areas to be beautified.

Rhinoplasty with threads:

Thread Rhinoplasty is also famous – among the non-surgical techniques of Rhinoplasty -, a technique that has gained the trust of the patient due to its high safety rates and satisfactory and guaranteed results.

Rhinoplasty with threads depends on the introduction of a certain type of thread, made of certain materials that do not cause allergies, that work to tighten and raise the nose and show its borders in a beautiful way that fits with the rest of the facial features, it also helps in treating the deviation of the nose, and raising the flat nose.

This technique gained its fame due to the degree of safety that distinguishes it, the short recovery period, the absence of any bruising or swelling on the face, and the ability to control the degree of lifting and tightening that the patient wants, and to modify it in case he is not satisfied with the result.

Thread lift does not last permanently like surgery, but it is a good solution that lasts for a relatively good period, longer than the period of plastic surgery with fillers.

Rhinoplasty with fillers:

It can be considered the most common technique now, as it is very easy and gives the desired results, especially if the desired modifications to the nose are simple, but show a big difference in its shape; Such as treating bumps and an uneven nose, or an unbalanced nose in its openings, such as being longer on one side, or defining the angles of the nose and raising its front, by injecting fillers that often consist of hyaluronic acid, in the areas to be settled, to obtain the desired results.

The results of this injection usually last from 4 months to 3 years.

In the end, as any cosmetic procedure has its advantages and disadvantages, Rhinoplasty by these non-surgical methods also has some disadvantages, such as:

  • Its results do not last forever and the procedure must be repeated every period, unlike the surgical procedure that does not need that.
  • The threads used or the filler materials can cause allergic reactions to some people.
  • If these procedures are not performed by an experienced doctor, they may result in unsatisfactory negative results. The doctor must be accurate, highly skilled, and enjoy an artistic sense.
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