Tooth decay

Large cavities caused by tooth decay may require a crown instead of a filling.

Endodontic treatment

In the event that the decay reaches an advanced stage and affects the nerve, the doctor resorts to conducting an endodontic treatment and eradicating the nerve of the tooth.


This is when the tooth becomes irreparable.

Ways to prevent tooth decay:

Brushing teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

Limit snacks between meals.

Eat healthy and nutritious foods.

Visit the dentist regularly for periodic check-ups.

Using floss to clean teeth deeply.

Do not overeat sugary foods and drinks.

 When should you visit the dentist?

 A person who suffers from any pain or discomfort from his teeth should go to the dentist.

In addition to the periodic review to conduct check-ups and prevent cavities.

Tooth decay is a widespread condition, and it can vary in severity, symptoms, and treatment methods appropriate for each case.

If left untreated, decayed teeth can lead to tooth loss and more serious conditions.

Don’t hesitate to get tested and check up on your dental health.

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