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What happens after Liposuction?!

Recently, liposuction and body sculpting spread widely, especially after the development of techniques and devices that give results similar to the results of surgical operations.

Although these modern, non-surgical techniques have removed a large part of the dread and fear of complications and post-operative effects, there are some side effects that every patient should be aware of in advance. In this article, we will introduce you to the results and effects of each of these techniques, the degree of safety they provide, and how long their results will appear.

Postoperative of liposuction:

Symptoms and effects after this procedure:

  • Fluid imbalance in the body.
  • Feeling of pain.
  • The possibility of bleeding, with different intensity depending on the type of liposuction, and the amount of fat removed.
  • Bruising and swelling in the area from which the fat has been drawn.
  • Fat clots, which are rare, happen when fats leak into the bloodstream.

However, this operation is classified under safe procedures, its symptoms can be controlled by following a diet specified by the doctor after the operation, and adhering to medicine that often include antibiotics and pain relievers. 

The results appear within several weeks after the operation a medical compression belt must be worn during this period to prevent swelling and relieve pain, and it also works to stabilize the results of the operation and protect the treated areas from storing fluids again.

After laser liposuction:

It is known that laser treatment is a modern one that gives quick and guaranteed results, the effects that may result:

  • Some slight swelling, and possible mild pain, in the places where the fat was taken.

It is rare that burns occur in the skin due to the laser, and this is considered one of the side effects that occur due to the failure of choosing a competent doctor and medical centers that contain modern laser devices, but these damages can be avoided.

The results begin immediately, as it can be observed during the sessions. As for the final results appears within two or three weeks, depending on the response to the treatment.

– After Vaser liposuction:

We cannot say that Vaser has serious complications or obvious effects after the operation, because what it can cause most is bruising and swelling in the treatment site, which disappear automatically within a short time after the procedure, so Vaser is considered one of the very safe procedures in this field.

As for its final results, it appears about two weeks after the procedure is applied, during this period the patient can gradually return to his normal life.

Finally, it is not possible to accurately determine the duration of the results in liposuction, as it varies from person to person and depends on several factors, such as:

  • The speed of the patient’s body response to treatment, according to its nature.
  • The amount removed fat in relation to body mass.
  • The areas that underwent suction. 
  • The type of technology used.
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