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Why should you do a Breast Reduction Procedure?!

While breast augmentation procedures occupy the first place in cosmetic procedures performed by women, nevertheless the process of breast reduction cannot be considered less important, it is considered the miraculous solution for some women who suffer greatly from the size of their large breasts, both in terms of appearance, or from a practical point of view. You can’t find clothes that fit, for example!

Regardless of these reasons that women can ignore, there are some reasons that may constitute a strong motivation for women to perform breast reduction, such as:

  1. Pain Relief: As large breasts cause an increased load on neck and shoulders and causes back pain too.
  2. Ease of movement: Studies have found that the larger a woman’s breast size, the less likely she is to engage in vigorous physical activity, some exercises can be a major challenge with heavy breasts.
  3. A more proportionate body: Achieving a harmonious and balanced body is what every female aspires to, so mammoplasty can help in achieving this goal.
  4. Improving self-image and enhancing self-confidence: While many girls are exposed to unpleasant looks or have to hear words that bother them, the solution has become very simple through various modern techniques that help reduce breast size and appear more confident.

What is the general form of the Breast Reduction process steps?

Breast Reduction Surgery, starts with an examination of the comprehensive medical history and a health evaluation of the patient. 

Then the operation begins with general or partial anesthesia, depending on the situation, and the doctor begins with a small surgical incision that is either from the areola to reach the bottom of the breast through two lines, or it is sufficient to make a circular incision around the areola, to reach the breast tissue and work to remove fat, tissue and cut the excess skin, it is possible that it resizes, re-adjusts and lifts the nipple to make it look its best.

If you are tired of the embarrassing situation caused by your heavy breasts, or you are unable to have your normal life because of them, feel free to remove this obstacle and lead a healthier, comfortable and confident life.

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